Beginner Level Yoga

Empower Yoga specializes in beginner level yoga instruction. It is the style Ashley Hartley is most passionate about because it makes or breaks a person’s experience of yoga altogether.

When Ashley first opened Empower Yoga in 2009 it was because she felt there was a need to provide a more individualized approach to yoga for her clients. For several years she taught yoga at studios filled with students of varying experience levels. She observed many beginner level students become discouraged practicing in public yoga classes with experienced students. Often times the beginner student would push too far and get injured or feel yoga was too difficult and not return.

Now Ashley offers the highest quality yoga instruction for beginner level clients in private or semi-private settings. This allows you to receive the individual attention you deserve in order to establish a healthy, safe, and fun yoga practice!

Ashley will design your yoga classes to support your personal goals and needs.

All yoga sessions are customized to your personal health and wellness goals. Submit an application to practice with Ashley and receive a customized program for your yoga goals.