I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Ashley and Empower yoga. I have quite the story and I have used her and her amazing classes in many, many different mediums.
— Nicole, Austin

I definitely recommend Empower for anybody that is into Yoga or wants to get into yoga. If you are just starting out, try their beginner classes. I was very skeptical of anything yoga at first because i was very inflexible, so i started as a beginner.
— Shawn, Austin, TX

I do yoga with Ashley once a week and it has drastically increased my flexibility, core strength, improved my cardiovascular system and promoted my sleep. Our sessions are an off-the-charts energy boost! Everytime I do yoga with Ashley, the remainder of the entire day I feel incredible and have great results in all areas of life including business.
— Clay, Austin Texas

It has been a real gift to be guided by Ashley and her Hatha Yoga techniques. I have done individual sessions with her that were wonderful as she gently but firmly (and, patiently) guided me through various postures. She was always right there with focused attention to know when to switch me to another posture. The time with her is rejuvenating and inspiring and gets me more in touch with my body.
— Marce, Los Angeles